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Ircd Account

KwShell offers high quality, stable, reliable, cheap and unmetered IRCd shell accounts starting at $15 per month. If you want to host your own irc server, or start your own IRC network this is the service you need and want to get. Our ircd shell servers are current with no less than a Core2Duo E7400 2.80GHz CPU and 2 Gigabyte of RAM. We don't restrict you with bandwidth usage, so need not worry about high bandwidth usage in DDOS attack or net splits. We don't run any outdated ircd shell servers like some of our "dated" competitors charging the same price, or more!. We keep all our ircd shell servers updated. Accounts are generally setup within 1 - 24 hours. All our ircd shell servers are on 100 mbit link and none of them are capped and are fully burstable to 100 mb/s MySQL Database also available (Optional)

PLAN Features Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Disk Space 100 Mb 200 MB 300 MB 400 MB
bandwidth 2Mb/s 2Mb/s 4Mb/s 5Mb/s
Bg Procces 1 2 3 4
max servers 1 1 1 1
users Allowed 1000 2000 3000 4000
services no No yes yes
hub Allowed no No yes yes
ssh/Telnet yes yes yes yes
eggdrop Allowed yes yes yes yes
mysql yes yes yes yes
static ip yes yes yes yes
ftp yes yes yes yes
network monitoring 24x7 24x7 24x7 24x7
backup yes yes yes yes
Setup Fee none none none none
Rent Fee 15 $ / 5 KD 25 $ / 10 KD 50 $ / 15 KD 60 $ / 20 KD
Purchase Order Now Order Now Order Now Order Now
Bandwitdh Per ircd inbound/outbound 2Mb/s monthly, overage charges 95th percent will cost $7 per Mb/s.

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